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Featured Testimonials

Micheal Dunbar "continues to define his personality in relation to the entire tradition of sculpture, combining the sense of scale of a Mark di Suvero with the elegance of Henry Moore. Dunbar has produced a body of commanding large-scale sculptures that vies with the best of our time. his reputation now spans the continent and the farther shores of both oceans as well."

~ Andre Emmerich, New York Art Dealer 2006

"The futuristic visions of the 20th century have resulted in the hundreds, if not thousands of new technologies that form our daily experiences. Many believe our society has benefited in greater proportion toward a better world than at any other time in its history. Within this backdrop, Michael Dunbar has gained his reputation as a sculptor whose mechanistic time-inspired sculpture celebrates and confronts the prospect of new frontiers to come."

~ Tom Moran, Chief Curator at Grounds for Sculpture, Sioux City Art Center

"Michael Dunbar, for all the wit and dexterity of his Machinist Studies, is a serious sculptor, perhaps one of the last in the line of the Modern that begins with Rodin, extends through Picasso and Gonzalez, and comes up to the present in Mark di Suvero, Ursula von Rydingsvard, and Martin Puryear."

~ Ann Landi, Continuum Exhibition Catalogue, 2016

"Dunbar's works make a strong contribution to the history o abstract sculpture. From the constructivism movement of the 1920s in Russia with artists such as Vladimir Tatlin, to the more recent works by Kenneth Snelson and George Rickey, Dunbar adds a keen appreciation for detail, infusing large-scale works with the felling of movement and a sharp-edged prexcicionism that conveys a unique vision. he goes beyond the abstractions of his forbears and contemporaries by using his knowledge of figurative sculpture from his earlier forms to infuse the machine like works with elegant and expressive presence."

~ John B. Henry III, Director of Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Michigan

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