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Sky Writer


The sculpture, Sky Writer, by Michael A. Dunbar premiered at the, September 2017 solo exhibition of bronze sculptures, Future Vision Past at the Findlay Gallery, in New York.


With the purity of design of industry and an ambiguous sense of purpose, there is a subtle reference to transmission towers, turbines, cell towers, power generators, and other communication equipment without being representational of any specific object.


The concept of the sculpture, Sky Writer, is about the evolution of communication from the drum signals of early civilization to the microwave signals of today.  With Marconi’s Transatlantic Radio transmission that took place in 1907 to the development of high-power microwave emitters following World War II, to the current, geosynchronous satellite network, the sky has become the new super highway for communication.


The black painted steel and machined bronze sculpture, Sky Writer, stands 59 in. tall by 36 in. wide by 17 in. long 


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